Henry Herford is a Libertarian candidate for Louisiana's special election for Congressional District 5.

• Henry Herford will work to strengthen the economy and restore our freedom by reducing the size and scope of the government.

• He recognizes the vital importance of our second amendment and will fight to keep it strong.

• He's determined to eliminate wasteful and unconstitutional federal departments and agencies like the IRS and the Department of Education, returning the control to the States.

• Henry will fight to protect our privacy and stop NSA domestic spying programs. He'll demand an audit of the Federal Reserve to expose corruption.

• Bring our troops home to protect OUR borders. Fuel our economy instead of unconstitutionally wasting our resources in other countries.

• Eliminate corporate bailouts and handouts to foreign countries. Reserve government social assistance for the truly needy, like the disabled and our wounded vets.

• Henry Herford believes the federal government should stay out of our checkbooks, our churches, our bedrooms, and our personal decisions. He'll fight to exempt EVERYONE from Obamacare, not just congress.

• Henry will limit himself to 3 terms and take no pension or congressional healthcare benefits, and push to implement this for all Representatives.

• Henry Herford is the most fiscally conservative candidate running. He believes a government which governs least, governs best. If you truly support free markets, limited government, and equality, vote Henry Herford for Congress!